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Diane Herger & Lara Herger Warren

262 Rothart Drive
New Brighton, PA 15066

 Lara's Cell: 703-999-1614
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"Tough as Nails" This was the heading used in Andrea Garrett's recent article about Welsh Ponies in fox hunting in Covertside, a popular Mounted Fox Hunt Enthusiasts magazine. The article highlights the attributes of welsh that makes them ideal for the classic but intense sport of fox hunting. It also features Teddy, one of our ex-stallions gone famous after winning the 2010 National Junior Field Hunting Championships in the Hilltopper division with his young rider Allison. For more information please visit the Fox Hunting Sales List.
Glynmagic Welsh Ponies is comprised of three divisions; breeding, hunter training, and event/jumper training. Glynmagic is located in New Brighton, PA. The stallions, mares, and foals that make Glynmagic reside at the farm scaling the hills, valleys, springs and streams that make up the terrain. This fosters a sound mind, a sure foot, and bravery from birth so natural obstacles become an afterthought during training.

Once the young ponies reach a stage in development where they are believed to have the strength in mind and body to start training they are assessed for their potential in several disciplines.

While a majority of our ponies have the superb movement, sound mind and top of the line height for the hunters some of them will perform better in more challenging atmospheres such as fox hunting and eventing.

Please keep in mind that while they may be shown training for a specific discipline they are capable of cross-training throughout the equestrian realm. Many of them go onto competitive show homes,however, many still move to relaxed equestrian homes simply to nurture a sound confident young rider.

 While you browse our pages please remember that while there are lovely ponies here we may have others available on a case by case basis. If you are looking for something specific we invite you to please call us or email us. Thank you for visiting and enjoy!
Glynmagic Giselle - (Lithgow Houdini x GlanNant Vella)
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